Blogging for dollars

Good ideas, ripe for the picking: Building a Blog Marketing and Media Company, a blog-focused business concept by WebWord. Here’s the core concept:

The core idea is that there aren’t any companies focused on blog marketing. There is a hole here that can be filled. As more and more people are “blogging for dollars” there is an immediate need for a marketing company to help these people drive traffic, manage their online presence, and more. Also, there is a gap that is not being filled by larger media companies. Namely, that many companies are missing out on street level marketing. In plain terms, marketing done via blogs and related outlets. So, the Blog Media Company I am talking about would help two audiences: blog owners and those that want to capitalize on blogs as media outlets.

There’s room in the blog-for-hire and blog consulting markets for many players. For a while there’ll be a landgrab of sorts, as people jump in and vie to be the leading authority on the subject. (Jeff Jarvis seems to have a lock on the title right now, but again more than one leader can exist, and as differing viewpoints develop there will be factions and competing schools of biz blogging.)

One bonus for companies that haven’t fully developed a web presence yet: You can leapfrog your competitors who invested money and effort in previous web content and infrastructure styles, benefiting from what’s already been learned and building on the buzz of this newer, improved technology. (Sort of a combined second-mover/first-mover advantage.)

(Link via Business Blog Consulting — a site with a name that cries out for a short acronym but that can’t use the obvious BBC.)