Old Vic follows the lead of Butler Little Theatre

Kevin Spacey, new Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theater Company in London, announced that the theater will present The Philadelphia Story:

Dual Oscar-winner Spacey said he also intended to stage “The Philadelphia Story” next year and had been talking to Hollywood agents about availabilities of some of their stars to play the lead role made famous by Katharine Hepburn (news) in the 1940 film.

If you can’t make the hop over the Atlantic or just don’t care to wait until next year, you can see The Philadelphia Story at the Butler Little Theatre, May 14-16 and 18-22. Tickets $8, with reservations available to the general public starting May 6. Check the BLT website for more details.

I’ve been working on the set crew for this production. As usual it’s a crazed scene, building the set with minimal budget and tools, engaging a random but hearty and startlingly dedicated bunch of volunteers, but I think it’s coming along nicely. If I can, I’ll post some in-progress, behind-the-scenes photos over the weekend.