I bought a fur sink. And an electric dog-polisher, that was good.

I have just recently filled up my mini-iPod. I’m figuring out an elegant system — I am all about the elegant system — for swapping songs on and off. It’s frustrating to be out and about and suddenly have the urge to hear a certain song, or a certain version of a certain song, and to know I have that exact song on my computer at home but that it’s not on the little electronic jukebox I’m carrying.

Perhaps it would be easier to buy one of the larger iPods, with 40MB of space … or maybe a second mini, or even a third, and to store different music on each … or maybe I should just dive in and buy 40 iPods and a $1,500 case to carry them in.

The Juke Box was designed by German designer and iPod fanatic Karl Lagerfeld.

It is based on Lagerfeld’s own iPod carrying case, an antique leather case “monogrammed for some Jazz Age aristocrat,” according to a description by Hamish Bowles, Vogue‘s European editor at large.

Lagerfeld uses the case to stow his multiple iPods — a dozen at last count, which translates into around 120,000 tracks, all of which he seems to know where to find, Bowles reports.

However, since Bowles’ report, Lagerfeld has increased his collection significantly — to 40 iPods. That’s right, he now owns 40 iPods, according to the latest issue of French Elle. Modeling a silver jogging suit, Lagerfeld confesses to owning 40 of the devices. Although at first glance the reader may assume he means a single 40-GB iPod, he meant what he said: He has 40 iPods.

Lagerfeld has converted his collection of 60,000 compact discs to a unique iPod storage system, according to a recent report in Womens Wear Daily. Lagerfeld keeps most of the iPods scattered around his various homes, which, in turn, are scattered around the globe.

“The iPod completely changed the way people approach music,” Lagerfeld told WWD.

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