You have less than two months to come up with something amazing

Aspiring advertisers and those with creativity to burn, take note: Maisonneuve Magazine has announced the Digital Curiosity competition, a chance to win fame (if not fortune).

WHAT: The sweetest commercial competition around
WHO: Americans and Canadians
WHERE: Maisonneuve Magazine
WHEN: Deadline for entry July 5, 2004
HOW: Visit the quick registration page and download your entry kit today!

Breaking into the advertising industry is tough. Once you are in the commercial-making business, things do not get any easier. No matter the medium, client, concept or budget, there are always too many people to please. But the best keep trying.

Digital Curiosity is your chance to compete for public recognition of your creativity in animation or filmmaking. Maisonneuve Magazine is looking for up-and-coming animators, short-film filmmakers, video experts, ad grunts or folks with too much time on their hands, from the US and Canada, to help us show the world what this ECLECTIC CURIOSITY business is. Maisonneuve Magazine wants you to create its first ever animated or live-action commercial.

Eclectic Curiosity is what makes Maisonneuve different from other magazines. Maisonneuve is committed to showcasing a remarkably broad cross-section of life. Our goal is to synthesize disparate ideas and sources into something that is uniformly curious, eclectic, informative and entertaining itself. So to compete all you have to do is make a 120-second finished commercial about what you believe is eclectic curiosity, using any style (animation, stop motion, claymation, live action or Flash). To make it easier for you, Maisonneuve has pre-licensed an entire library of music from a custom music producer called MusicBox. It’s free for your use!