Ready for my closeup, part 2

Tomorrow, at the bright and chipper hour of 9am, I’m going to be in a TV studio smiling nervously, sweating, and shaking ever so slightly. This will be because I’ll be backstage at KDKA’s Pittsburgh TODAY Live with Jennifer Antkowiak, waiting to talk about the upcoming Book Boot Camp we’re running at Fat Plum.

I have been on live TV before, but not often enough to feel relaxed about it. Still, everyone I know who has been on Pittsburgh Today LIVE says great things about it, so I’m excited to have this chance.

There is the possibility that I’ll freeze. Like Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous, I’ll sit with legs crossed tightly and say, “Cheers.” If I can just get the web address out, I’ll be happy.

Most likely I’ll be fine, but tune in for the potential meltdown!