Life gets in the way

I have so many things to tell you about, but I’ve been too busy doing and then recovering that I haven’t had time to write.

In brief:

1. The 412 Creative Nonfiction Festival was great fun. (Here’s a little press on the event.) Both of my writing ventures — Inkburns and Fat Plum — shared a table at the Media Fair. I met many interesting and engaging people, spoke on a panel that, despite an early morning start, was lively and thoughtful, and generally enjoyed the hell out of the event. I am now utterly exhausted, still, after two days of recovery. And I have so many things to follow up on, people to contact and websites to update and blog entries to post.

2. Also, I mentioned previously in this space that I was open to new career options. “Ask and you shall receive,” they say, and so it has been for me. Except that I asked for a high-paying gig, and the emphasis for my new job is certainly not on “high-paying.” Then again, it does pay something, which is more than nothing, and it turns out that something is exactly fine for me. Details to come — stay tuned.

And now to bed. More soon.