The Faders — and you! — on the BBC

Want to be on British television? You can be — we got the hookup for you. The Faders, our favorite local alt-country-and-more hipsters, are about to have a close encounter with the BBC, and they want you to be there. Here’s the scoop from Jon in the band:

It’s no joke … we got a call from a BBC crew who are filming in Pittsburgh next Sunday. They need to shoot a scene with a band playing at a small club, and they saw on the web that we’re booked at the Quiet Storm that afternoon. I don’t know any details, except that whatever it is they’re filming stars the woman who played the wife in “Babe,” and our set has to include the folk song “Home Sweet Home.” (seriously)

So if you’d like to join us for what should be a fun and vaguely surreal show, here are the details:

The Faders
The Quiet Storm, Friendship
Sun Nov 21, 3 – 5pm
Cover charge $6

Due to prior commitments I have to miss this one, much to my sorrow. But that just leaves more camera time for you.