Clean slate

I have for some months been trying to bully my life into shape. It used to be that I could get great piles of things done without regard to time or energy, but at some point I lost the skill. Perhaps I finally put enough on my plate that other things started falling off.

My friend Julie has had great success bringing her many projects under control. She’s following the guildelines of Getting Things Done, which others have discovered as well. (Check out 43 Folders, who is blogging experiences in implementing the Getting Things Done methodology and exchanging tips from others.)

I set aside the prescribed two days to bring things under control, but then I spent them simply throwing things away and piling useful stuff to process. That was two months ago. Since then I’ve been navigating around the maze of boxes that make up my new In box, occasionally have to search through to find something that’s due or overdue. When I will have another weekend to try again I don’t know, but I remain hopeful.