Great things seen elsewhere

Yes, I’m still here.

Thanks, I’m fine. Just very busy. With work and stuff, you know? It’s all good, although I haven’t had enough brain power left at the end of the day to create any good blog entries.

However, I have been storing up a bunch of things that I liked from other places. Here’s a bunch of it:

The Guardian Unlimited published minute-by-minute commentary on the wild weirdness of the Eurovision Song Contest, “the most important insipid-pop/ European-peace-and-harmony crossover event of the year.” (For a less snarky look at the event, here’s the official site.)

This guy writes and records songs based on suggestions from random people. In all genres. It’s amazing. (Link via Ze Frank)

I think I would like to buy a flamethrower to keep the weeds in my yard under control, but they’ve reached such a point that it would mean blackening my entire yard, turning it into a war zone. But would that be worse than a yard full of dandelions? (Link via Gizmodo)

I am confident that The Shooter Buddy does not actually turn cheap booze into high-grade booze through the magic of strong magnets. All the same, I would like to try it. Anyone who wants to donate $5 to the cause, please get in touch. (Link via Gizmodo)

Despite an unpleasant affection for sophomoric humor — or because of it — Screenhead points out at least one madly great thing every day. Recent gems included the Stunt City ad, Tarzan Rubberband, 24 hours with Enrico Casarosa, video of a Douglas Adams lecture, and security cam footage of a little Japanese girl in heels opening a can of whoopass on a mugger. Good times.

How can it have taken me so long to discover that BBC 6 radio offers live streaming? They have so much good stuff: a day of Joy Division to commemorate Ian Curtis’s death, in-studio performances by everyone cool, rebroadcast of radio documentaries from the BBC archive… Maybe there’s a little more Kraftwerk than is strictly called for, but the DJs accents make up for it.

When did Jack White of the White Stripes turn into a pudgy Johnny Depp?

Also, a moment of celebrity commentary: I assume that Phil Spector is setting things up for an insanity plea.