Do you hear what I hear?

So much hipper than a mix tape: Click to listen to my iTunes signature. (NB: It’s large — 5.8MB.)

An iTunes signature is a smear of bits of tracks from one’s iTunes library. You make it with this application.

[The iTunes Signature Maker] selects a small number of your “favorite” tracks based on some simple selection criteria, such as the number of times you have played them or the rating you have assigned them. Then it analyzes the audio content of these files, combining a small bit of each of them to create the signature.

Notably, the Signature Maker skips tracks purchased from the iTunes store, so it can’t create a true sample of my library. But for what it can do, it’s neat.

I’m not super enthused with the way this signature of mine starts. (Sheryl Crow? So embarrassing.) But I like the end very much. There are 50 songs represented in all. How many can you identify?

(Link thanks to Jeff/Syntax of Things.)

8 replies on “Do you hear what I hear?”

  1. Yep, there are two Soul Coughing songs in there: “Super Bon Bon” (actually called “Silence Kit”) and “Blue-eyed Devil.” What a great band. Have you heard much from Mike Doughty? His solo stuff is quite different from the Soul Coughing music but great as well.

    And “Sympathy for the Devil” is there too, second to last. Most of the Rolling Stones albums I have I bought through iTunes so they don’t show up, but I have Beggar’s Banquet on CD.

  2. “Silence Kit”… Really? Is it a remix? “Super Bon Bon” is the first track off the “Irresistible Bliss” album… Mike Doughty’s solo stuff is amazing too… He’s such a great lyricist

  3. Hmm. This is weird. That track has always been titled “Silence Kit” in my iTunes library — I didn’t type it in, so it came from that Gracenote database I guess. But looking at the CD cover I see it’s “Super Bon Bon,” and when I put the CD in it now reads that too. So for years I’ve been thinking the song was called something else.

    I wonder where that other title came from? So strange.

    But thanks for setting me straight. My iTunes is now correct. Whew!

  4. Well, there was a remix floating around out there for awhile that I heard a couple times but never found a copy of. It was actually pretty good – I’m not 100% sure but I think the Propellerheads had a hand in it. I have no idea if that had a title of it’s own but I thought that mightabeen it…

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