The very best Steelers song EVER

Can't you just hear the impact?Hines Ward will always be first in my heart, but I sometimes stray and cast adoring eyes on the speedy, hard-hitting, and mad-sexy Troy Polamalu. So I’m terribly, terribly pleased to find that this year’s best new Steelers song focuses on the NFL’s best strong safety: Please enjoy “Puhlahmahlu.”

With a creative work of this importance, it’s essential to give proper credit. The band is Mr. Devious (playing at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern this Saturday at 9PM — be there or be square). The song was played for me first by my dear brother Anthony, who heard it god-knows-where but probably on some sports radio show; but I located the mp3 via Sully (whom I shall treat to a drink at the next Pittsburgh BlogFest).

Brief culture lesson for the under-30 crowd: “The Polamalu Song” is a parody of a song performed memorably by the Muppets, “Mahna Mahna,” which is itself a parody of “Mais Non, Mais Non,” a French song from the 1960s, which is an adaptation from a song from a Swedish “documentary” from even farther back. Details on the original song and variations can be found here, and a video clip from The Muppet Show can be found here.

Incidentally, if you can find and share an online or offline version of “Mais Non, Mais Non,” I’ll be forever indebted to you.

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  1. Thanks for the link, I’ll look forward to the brew. I missed last week’s blogfest because I was actually in Seattle. I’m headed behind enemy lines next week Tuesday night through Friday.

    What a sordid little history this cult classic has, huh? –Sully

  2. Sully: I can’t believe the amount of traffic this post has generated. Cult classic indeed!

    Missy S: Welcome, and thanks for visiting. I’m glad to know you’re keeping the Steeler vibe alive away from the ‘Burgh.

    Kegstand: Wonderful! Thank you for locating that mysterous track. I’d thought the mumble-mumble parts of the Muppet parody would in the original be French lyrics, but no, they’re mumbling too. I guess the French didn’t feel too creative in translating from the Swedish either. But it’s a lovely bit of pop history all the same,

  3. To play the song, click the link that’s the name of the song: “Puhlahmahlu.”

    To download a copy to your computer to play as many times as you like, right-click the link and select download or save or whatever seems right from the menu.

  4. Oh my!! Half my family lives down in Pittsburgh (I am in New Hampshire [& not a Pats fan!]), & my father was JUST telling me about this song. I found it earlier on my peer-to-peer network, but I’m actually looking for another song. I went to a home game back in January, & during the festive Heinz Field tail-gating, I heard another Steelers song. Its got Hines Ward saying all the Steelers names really fast. Its incredibly funny, & I must have it. Any ideas?
    Anyway, GO STEELERS!!!!

  5. I have a copy of this song (performed by Henri Salvador). Damn French people….. Email me so I can mail it to you.

    Go Steelers! My guess is 27-10 over the Seahawks, with the 3 Steeler TDs courtesy of Hines, Ced, and Verron Haynes (to salt it away).

  6. Eek – I don’t think this site gives you a link to my email address. Anyway, if you want me to email ya the song (it’s 1.45 MB), just send me an email with Polamalu in the header.

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