BlogFest 5 party recap

Time for roll call!
Thanks again to everyone who attended BlogFest 5 last week. It was a swell time. More people attended than ever before, and from what I could tell everyone had a rolicking good time.

I had made terrific signs for our fifth get-together, all in black and gold with a racy, forward-angled look, but in the rush of gathering nametags and pens and whatnot I forgot to bring them. No matter: We grabbed a sheet of paper and created an impromptu sign/sign-in sheet. Click the pic to see. Unfortunately, once again not everyone seems to have had the chance to sign in; I think the sheet languished at one end of the room and latecomers and the folks in the de facto Knitting Area missed it. My apologies to those who didn’t sign in.

Plus we had an out-of-town celebrity guest and birthday cake and the presentation of a Terrible Towel to someone who will be rooting for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. That innocuous-seeming towel has by now infiltrated the Seattle area and will be sending out subtle but critical Steeler fan vibrations, disrupting the game planning of Mike Holmgren and keeping Matt Hasselbeck and Shawn Alexander up late for the next two weeks. Thus, Pittsburgh Bloggers will be ever so slightly responsible for the Steelers Super Bowl win. But will we take credit for this? Damn right we will. We’re just doing our part, but everyone wants to be in on a Super Bowl win.

Also at the BlogFest there were two little wee babies, adorably glowing and kindly not crying. It gives me a tender, fizzy feeling to see babies at a bar, as though I were in Europe and far from the prohibitionist strictures of modern American parenting. (I realize that the main room in Finnegan’s Wake is basically a restaurant. It’s got a pool table — I’m calling it a bar.)

How can we top this excitement at BlogFest 6? It’s hard to imagine, yet surely we’re up to the challenge. For one thing, we might have it on a weekend night — log your thoughts on that on Mike’s blog.

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