First and goal to go

Untitled-1.jpgI have full confidence in the Steelers winning at Mile High Stadium this weekend.

Or rather, I did until I read the championship picks from Bill Simmons, The Sports Guy on He’s taking the Steelers over the Broncos (scroll past the mailbag for the predictions). I dislike The Sports Guy, mostly because he’s a childish and extremely irritating Boston sports fan.

But more importantly, he went 1-3 in his picks last week. With that kind of record, I want him picking against my team. But instead, he says his gut tells him that “Pittsburgh seems like a team of destiny.”

Fortunately the rest of the football gambling world does not agree: The current betting line has the Broncos as the favorites by 3. The Steelers seem to play best in the playoffs when they’re the underdogs. As long as Vegas is betting against them, I have a good vibe.

And if Joe Theisman picks Denver, the Steelers can start booking hotels in Detroit for Super Bowl weekend.

In other Steelers news: Ben Rothlisberger is auctioning off one of the cleats he wore in his first Monday Night Football appearance as a starter — the game against San Diego on October 10. That happens to be the game in which he injured his knee. He’s auctioning the right cleat, complete with grass stains and a Big Ben autograph. It could be yours! Bidding is currently at $735 and climbing….

UPDATE: I may have to take back my comment about Joe Theisman. He is still the very, very worst pro football commentator, and generally a dip. But he has picked the Steelers for both of the last two games — one of only two ESPN analysts to pick them for week two of the playoffs. Keep an eye out for his picks for this weekend’s games.