My blog wants to party all the time

Tonight is BlogFest 5. (You may call it Blogylon 5, if you prefer.) (At Finnegan’s Wake, 5pm until 9:30 or so, details here.)

Announcements of our featured guest Robert Scoble seem to have created extra interest in the local blogging community: I’ve received excited RSVPs from folks who haven’t attended before. Which is always nice.

Also interestingly, I haven’t received RSVPs from many of the usual suspects attendees. I’m not sure if this is a sign of the times or fallout from my not posting the signup sheets from BlogFest 4. I have them right here on my desk, and if I have time today I’ll post them and link them to the blogs of the attendees.

Incidentally, I’ve extended a personal invitation to the Post-Gazette’s book editor Bob Hoover — he pondered in a column this past Sunday whether he should join the blogging masses, and he seemed clearly on the fence about the whole thing. If he came to our little gathering, we could all share with him the wonders of the New Media Age. I encourage you to drop him an email as well, or give him a quick and friendly call. (His contact info is at the end of his Sunday opinion piece.)

See you tonight!

(No, it’s not too late to RSVP — do drop us a line at blogfest at closkey dot com if you think you can make it.)

4 replies on “My blog wants to party all the time”

  1. Rob: It was a swell time. It would have been even more swell if you’d been there, though. I hope you’re feeling better now.

    Ol’Froth: I’m so sorry we scheduled it at a time you couldn’t attend. We should try to vary the days/times more. Would any other night be possible in future, or are nights always bad?

    Bob: I like to think that it’s never too late to RSVP, but I suppose RSVPing after the event has to qualify as not useful. Unless you have some means of time travel that I can borrow, for the purpose of going back and letting Finnegan’s know we need an extra chair. If I could borrow such a device, I promise to have it back to you before 11pm — scout’s honor.

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