Drink of the Week: Urban Bourbon

I think they're both wearing the same shade of lipstickI’ve had a rough week, full of networking troubles and hardware failures. How would I like to spend Friday evening? Relaxing with a drink in the company of charming friends. How will I be spending the evening? Moving websites to new hosting space in the company of my cats. The cats are charming in their own way, but it’s not quite what I could hope for.

The beacon leading me through the dark trials of this night is the cocktail I plan to have later, once the files are uploaded to their new homes and the updates to the nameserver settings are wending through the crevices of the Internet.

You might try one too, and we’ll thereby have a virtual cocktail party, just like that picture above.

(If you don’t have Tuaca, fake it with a splash each of Cointreau and Amaretto and maybe a drop of creme de cacao.)

Urban Bourbon

2 oz good-quality bourbon
1/2 oz Tuaca
lemon twist garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add bourbon and Tuaca. Stir to blend. Strain into stemmed cocktail glass, and garnish with twist.

This recipe comes from Atomic Cocktails, as does our illustrated couple above. Aren’t they swank? I feel sexier just looking at them.