The most important meal of the day

Holiday Inn Express gives you breakfast when you stay with them. They proclaim this benefit in their advertising: “Free Breakfast Bar.”

What they mean is this:

For a long time, a very long time, I thought they meant that if I’d stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, in my room next to the coffee maker I’d find one of these:


I could not understand why they were trumpeting this in three-foot tall letters on their billboards.

I don’t remember when I figured out what they really meant. But even know, when I know what they mean, every time I see a Holiday Inn Express Billboard, I still picture the shiny wrapper of a NutriGrain bar.

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  1. It’s a whole chain, or maybe you’d call it a subchain, Holiday Inns tailored to business travelers. I stayed at one Thursday night in fact. There was no cereal bar in the room. The room was very nice, by the way, with a good working shower and free wi-fi. And the place was staffed by the most pleasant hotel staff I have ever encountered, even as compared to very high-end facilities.

    There was a free breakfast bar of the buffet sort in the lobby, as well as hot soup most of the day and coffee and cookies until 11pm. My traveling companions wanted to have breakfast at the Perkins next door though, so we didn’t partake of any of the extras at the HIX — and the staff of the buffet looked so sad as we walked away without so much as a Styrofoam cup of coffee.

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