Either dreams or swords

the-beginning.jpgI am incredibly busy, as evidenced by my lack of recent posting here and here and here. And so when Syntax of Things described the time-consuming diversion that’s slowing his packing for an impending move, I seized on it like a drowning swimmer.

And so now I’ve started cataloguing my collection of booksin LibraryThing. Check out the new random library snapshot to my sidebar to the right. I’ve listed only 15 books in my library so far, so there’s not a lot of randomness going on. I’m going to limit myself to listing only 15 new books per day — my library isn’t massive, but the project will still extend over a few weeks. It will be interesting to discover which authors are most represented and how many of the “most owned” books I have.

Actually, Tea Leaves had previous blogged about a similar tool for cataloguing one’s library, with the added benefit of connecting with others to lend or give away extra books. But LibraryThing makes it easy to create an author cloud to show which authors dominate and which are just sneaking in, and that’s exactly the kind of geeky, pseudo-statistical, competitive widget that I adore.

I’ll wait until I have more books listed before publishing an author cloud here. In fact, It’s probably going to be the site element that forces me at last to complete the Big Redesign that I started and abandoned months ago.

All this to keep from working on my taxes. Procrastination is a wondrous thing.