Bug Ben

Candy-apple redThe highly stylish item you see to the left is my own personal motorcycle helmet. Pretty, ain’t it?

I can’t think of any reason not to wear a helmet while riding. A helmet is most useful when traveling at the slower speeds required on city streets: On a highway you’re riding fast enough that if you wreck, you’re going to be lucky to come out alive at all after impact, but at a lower speed you most need to be concerned with simple concussions, broken bones, fractured skulls and broken noses. Just as an example.

I don’t want to hear any arguments about impaired visibility — without a helmet you spend your time squinting due to bugs, dust, and air flow. And unless you’ve rigged the helmet with headphones for your iPod you can hear just fine.

The only thing sexier than a shiny glorious full-face helmet is the intelligent (and well-protected) brain inside of it.

4 replies on “Bug Ben”

  1. I think anyone considering riding a motorcycle w/out a helmet should be forced to watch an hour-long interview with Gary Busey. That should cure that itch.

  2. I am so jealous that you have a motorcycle and I don’t. Although I did see a very cute pale green Vespa for sale on my ride home last night. Sweet.

  3. Sadly, I don’t have a motorcycle. I used to ride when I lived in California, but truth be told I was a passenger more often than a rider. But I did own a bike, a cute little Honda 250.

    I totally want a Vespa too! I have visions of tooling around town like they do in Rome, zipping down alleys and side streets. Ciao!

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