Miracle at the Hard Rock Cafe

The most amazing thing happened to me this evening.

I attended a business event in Pittsburgh, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square. It was a networking happy hour, hosted by the local chapter of the American Marketing Association and sponsored by Yuengling. (All the beer was lagers and black-and-tans. Why no ale? That was the only down part of the event.) One hour of people standing around, chatting and exchanging business cards, followed by an hour of selected people speaking to the group, making lame jokes and using terms like “power brand.”

So there I was, surrounded by Pittsburghers, all of us searching for anything funny or interesting or even dull to say.

And not once during the entire two hours did anyone mention Ben Rothlisberger or motorcycle helmets.

It was glorious, talking about anything other than The Accident. I could have cheered in joy.

Pittsburgh marketing professionals, my hat’s off to you. (Ba-dum bum!)

4 replies on “Miracle at the Hard Rock Cafe”

  1. Congratulations, that’s impressive! I wonder how much lost productivity occurred in companies across the city after Bug Ben’s entry into the “I have a right to be brain damaged” club. But, if your meeting was held today you could have talked about the “furries” convention here in town for the next 3+ days. Let’s just say I feel really, really normal after seeing people who like to dress up like skunks and bears hanging out next to our building. (The cat people were apparently sprawled out on the plaza sunning themselves.) Ah, Pittsburgh is in the news once again…

  2. Yes, just as the Ben as a Windshield Bug story starts winding down (until training camp and his first attempts to throw a pass accurately), Pittsburgh finds a new way to make us all proud.

    It was a hot day to be wearing all fur too — particularly fake fur. Stinky!

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