Pittsburgh BlogIN — tomorrow!

Pittsburgh area bloggers who are hanging around for the holiday weekend: Remeber, Sunday 7/1 is the First Pgh BlogIN.

It’s a chance to finally get back to posting entries. Or to upgrade to a new version of WordPress. Or to redesign the look with fun backgrounds and pretty colors. Or to add widgets like Flickr badges and a cloud tag. Whatever you’ve been putting off, now’s the time to get in a do it … in the company of other bloggers, some of whom may have already done the same and can help you work out the sticky bits.

And if you’re not yet a blogger but want to start, it’s a chance to launch a new blog, post an entry and draft a couple more to work on and post later. Again, with experienced blogger backup.

Information is here, but the key thing to know is to be at the Carnegie Library Sunday between 1 and 5pm. (And you’ll want to bring a computer too.) Ask for meeting rooms A & B.

See you there!