Space is the breath of art

I set up a profile on MySpace. I don’t plan to use it much: I already get email announcements from bands and musicians I like, and I’m not looking to meet anyone. But I find the online social networking phenomenon fascinating, and I might want to steal some of the better ideas for a project of my own.

I posted on the Big Big Design blog about it: “MySpace, the final frontier.” I covered reasons for thinking about MySpace, how I customized the look of my profile page, and how serious businesses can make use of the site to connect with customers. So I won’t repeat all that here.

Instead, a tiny plea: If you are on MySpace (or if you choose to sign up after reading about it), could you add me as a friend? Right now I have just 9 friends, and I look so lame.

(FYI: Title quotation comes from Frank Lloyd Wright)

2 replies on “Space is the breath of art”

  1. I, too, have a MySpace page, primarily so that I can post on others’ MySpace pages. Currently, I have a grand total of ZERO friends. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll make you my pal.

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