Hang in there, little tomato

My dear, dear blog readers, how I’ve missed you. I have much to tell you about and so little time to tell it. But time must be found, for I can’t continue to abandon you like this.

Here’s what you’ll be reading about in the near future: Beckettfest concludes gloriously, and apparently without cast, crew, or audience suicides; I reveal my secret interest in certain reality TV shows (including one that has its finale tonight!); the new season of House begins; I make up for BlogDay; my impending birthday starts to faze me a little; I can’t stand the rain, at least when I’m driving; we are all ready for some football.

One reply on “Hang in there, little tomato”

  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to (including your reality tv choices…I have a strange, inexplicable fascination with Dancing w/ the Stars and a few VH1/E shows). In the meantime, have a Pink Martini!

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