BlogFest wrapup

BlogFest 7 sign-in sheetHow much fun was BlogFest 7? So much fun. Very big fun. Fun fun fun.

True, there was a smaller turnout than we usually have. It was bigger than the sign-in sheet would lead one to believe — not everyone seems to have caught the sign-in fever. One of these fest we’ll manage to get everyone to check in. (Click the image for a larger version, and then click individual names to jump to the relevant blogs.)

But still, the crowd was high quality, low-ish quantity. This may have been because it

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  1. Oy — so sorry for the no-show! While it may well be a darn fine U2 song, the actual phenomenon known as “vertigo” is no fun at all.

    There goes my spotless attendance record!

  2. Bob: And here I thought “vertigo” could only be experienced at the top of a tall building, or in the presence of Kim Novak.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now. We did miss you.

  3. Jim and I were there too!

    We’d still like to run a “blog-in” out in the far west suburbs some Saturday this fall. We have wireless – wonder how many connections it can really handle? Maybe blog and chat in the afternoon, and share a potluck dinner in the evening. Could be fun….

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