The greatest rock and roll band in the world

Today in “I know people who are connected with the movie industry” news, my buddy Peter K sends a link to the trailer for The Pick of Destiny with Jack Black, the other Tenacious D guy, and a weird green guitar pick that rules the rock world. Also Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller, whose presence in the film is almost enough to keep me from watching it. But then I notice Meat Loaf and that guy from “Numb3rs” in the cast list also, and I realize I can’t miss this one.

Peter’s sister Georgia is one of the executive producers for the film. Her credits also include “Syriana,” “Blow,” and “Gattaca.” I’m struggling to think of any other connection between “The Pick of Destiny” and “Syriana.” How about this: Jack Black and Matt Damon have both been stunt cast on “Will & Grace” at one time or other.

But then again, who hasn’t been stunt cast on “Will & Grace”?

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