Here comes my man

Frank Black
This has been a whiplash month for Pixies fans. This week we heard from NME that in January the Pixies will be going into a studio to work on a new album. Frank Black said so.

“We’re rehearsing in January, if we can persuade Kim (Deal, bassist) to come out of her house,” he told NME.COM. “We offered to go to her but we figured if we book the rehearsals she’ll show up.

“Since we got back together we’ve played almost everywhere we can. I know we like playing and everyone likes touring together, so to keep doing that and not record anything is kind of like being a county fair band. We don’t want to do that, so the only thing we can do is become a vital band again. So it’s just a matter of doing it, I guess.”

But last week’s Onion AV Club featured an interview with Black in which he makes it clear he’s tired of being asked when the Pixies will make a new album — so much so that now he’s just messing with us.

AVC: Are there any specific plans for future work with the Pixies?

FB: Not that specific, no. When we’ve got something to say to the world, we will. I’m really happy that people are interested. “So, what’s up with the Pixies record? So, what’s up with the Pixies record?” One guy just kept asking me and asking me in an interview, and I kept saying, “I just got done telling you no, there’s nothing to report.” Finally, he brought it up in some other way, and I was like, “Yeah, actually, June 15 of next year, it’s coming out.” So sure enough, I started seeing publications: “June 15, the new Pixies record’s coming out!” I told him 10 times, “We’ve got nothing on the books, and I’ve got nothing to say,” and I finally just was being obviously flippant with him. I’m not complaining, that’s just the way it is.

(NME link via WYEP’s Music Blog.)

Frank Black is touring now to support “Fast Man Raider Man.” They’ll be at Mr. Small’s in Pittsburgh this Friday.

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  1. Hey Cindy,
    thanks for the info on the Pixies. I think it’s so funny that to this day people still refer to “records” when they discuss music. Maybe that term’s here to stay. I still say album. That’s bad.

  2. They will always be albums to me too. Nothing bad about that. There’s nothing about “album” that says vinyl or 33rpm or LP. Ditto with “record.”

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