It’s the third day of NaNoWriMo: I wrote 1,037 words the first day (well under the 1,667 words/day target), and none yesterday. So that project is well behind.

It’s also the third day of DrawMo! I sketched a red onion the first day. It came out much more squished-looking than the round and firm original. Yesterday started sketching a salt shaker but my fajita arrived before I could finish. Later at night I sketched my cellphone, which is recognizable as a cellphone but not necessarily mine.

So these do-an-impossible-amount-of-work-in-a-month projects are not off to the best starts. On Saturday I will get to make up for it…and not just because i’ll have more time to get in several thousand words of novelling and to try erasing as part of the sketching process (innovation!).

Saturday night is NaDruWriNi — National Drunken Writing Night.

Hemingway would be so proud

If you are unfamiliar with the rules, here are the top two:

  1. The goal is to drink while you write and write while you

4 replies on “NaSiUFToMuMo”

  1. Oddly I was thinking about having a few this afternoon while I tried to resurrect my NaNo nonsense. I don’t mean to get plastered or anything, just nicely drunk. Drop a few of the barriers (dignity, propriety) that are holding me back. Plus I like drinking beer anyway.

  2. I’m the world’s worst drinker–by which I mean I have one drink and then fall asleep–but I think this is a very fine exercise to add to my DrawMo! practice. You know, for science. We’ll see what happens.


  3. India, I hesitate to encourage people to drink more than they can handle, but I can’t help but be pleased at your endeavor. I’m going to be working on today’s drawing in the middle of NaDruWriNi too — and it’s a themed sort of thing as it turns out. For science!

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