Tiny bubbles

This is My Brilliant Mistakes post for NaDruWriNi. In direct violation of blog protocol, most recent updates are at the bottom — because it’s easier to read things top to bottom. But I’ll summarize the most recent update here at the top, so you know whether to bother scrolling down.

Recently: Done

8:01pm: We begin
Drink: Death in the Afternoon
Status: Nimble-fingered
I have already violated the rules several times, just in the course of writing the intro to this post. That is, I have corrected several typos. But the thing is: Were they drunken typos or just standard-issue, ordinary typos? I make mistakes all the time while I type. Who’s to say these were due to the two glasses of red wine I had with dinner? I considered them a base for the evening — as noted earlier I don’t expect or want to be sloshy drunk, but then again what fun is this even if one is all steady handed and even keel? So two glasses of wine before the real festivities begin ensures at least a little bit of the unexpected.

Incidentally, this is what a Death in the Afternoon looks like:
Not as scary as a bullfight

The recipe suggests a champagne flute, but I’m using one of my grandparents’ champagne glasses. I believe that the bowl styloe of (NOTE: I left in a typo!) champagne glass is American, while the flute is European. Given the provenance of the drink, a flute is more appropriate. But the flutes I have are downstairs in a box, while these glasses are in the kitchen. Also, note that the stem of the glass is hollow, so the champagne gets to bubble up the narrow channel to the big bowl above. It looked really cool when I first poured in the champange. (It is really hard to type “champagne.”) I will try to get a pic of that for the next drink.

In the meantime, I need to get writing. Wrote 2000 words for NaNoWriMo earlier today. Weekends are so super for making up for lost progress. I plan to write 1000 more words, and then I’ll check in again.

What I’m noticing already is that I become much, much more verbose in my writing when I’m drinking. This bodes well for NaNoWriMo. But in the time that it toolk to write this post I drank my drink and now I have to make another. That does not bode well.

9:07pm: We are distinctly drunk
Drink: Death in the Afternoon #3
Status: Slurred, not stumbling
I finshed about 1000 more words for NaNoWriMo. The story is moving glacially. This is typical in the early stages, until panic or inspiration hit.

ABout the drink: If you don’t like licorice, ploease avoid anything that incldues Pernod, Galliano, or Absente. (I am finding it really hard to not go back and correct those typos. Honectly I think I would make any of them other than “Honectly” whether drinking or not. Also, I’m aware that the lady doth protest too much.) Does the champagne add anything to the Pernod other than a little extra kick? No and yes. The fizz is nice. The winey taste of champagne plays counter to the astingent licorice of the Pernod. The first one wasn’t great, the rest have tasted fine. Draw your own conclusion.

After the first writing segment of the evening, the second bit is drawing for DrawMo!. I have chosen to sketch in color a famous absinthe poster I have, fitting the current beverage and the current plot of the book. I love it when a plan comes togetehr.

9:57pm: Still drunk, glad there’s no one on hand
Drink: Pernod on ice
Status: Muddling through

Today at the coffeshop — every Saturday morning at the local coffeeshop, a bunch of people meet informally. It is quite bit more complicated than that, but it can’t be xplained easily and explaining would frankly ruin it. But so. This morning at the coffeeshop I told the cabal that I’d recently remebered Joe Jackson, the pianist/musician, on account of having heard “Look Smart” at Mr. Small’s while waiting to see Frank Black.

This started of a sries of jokes abut “are you dating [such and such person].” All talking about this same guy. There is apparently some fellow in Butler who’s famous for liking Joe Jackson.

Small towns are very, very small.

But back to tnight. In addition to writing, I’m drawing. Hopefullyt in a connected way. Here’s tonight’s effort:

The Green Fairy

This is an absenthe poster I’ve blogged previously. Please search for more info on Leonetto Cappiello, the father of the modern advertising poster and my great hero. Also now Somehow Involved in a Manner That Will Be Revealed in my current novel.

I couldn’t help but correct tfour typos in this post. :)

10:45pm: Stumbling level, fortunate not to have to get into a cab or car
Drink: Knob Creek on the rocks
Status: Bitterly determined to get another 1000 words

Hi there, fellow NaDruWriNi-ers! All five of us. There may be more who are having trouble posting their exploits. i confess that is has taken at least a minute to type this paragraph.

I just made and ate a bowl of angel hair pasta with EVOO — by the way, I am not a fan of Rachel Ray but EVOO is an excellent abbreviation — and Parmesan cheese, by way of laying in an unstable second foudation for the rest of the evening. Good heavens, it’s not even 11pm.

It occurs to me that potential clients will come across this entry and wonder whether they should trust their website projects with me. To there people I say: You should. I have references. This here is all hype to show how I’m in tune with the social media. I would put a smiley face here if it weren’t so goofy looking.

11:25pm: Done
Drink: Knob Creek on the rocks (same drink as above)
Status: Boringly introspective
My last two attempts at a post were eaten by the Internet gods, and I view this as a blessing. I am toasted on both sidees. I wish the best to anyone still standing. Also, I promise to make up the missing 1000 words tomorrow.


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  1. Well, I’m impressed.

    NaDruDrawNi was rather short here at the Amos compound, given my tendency to just fall asleep when I drink, but I did manage to consume 2.75 tiny Moroccan tea glasses (probably 8 oz. total) of Italian white wine (not Muscat Canelli, sadly) and dash off a muskrat standing on a cannoli before I toppled into bed.

  2. Nicely done! I feel bad that I haven’t had any alcohol and I’m still behind you in word count, although maybe a little booze would, as you said, help….Good luck and keep writing!

  3. Scott, one method that works for me in catching up is planning multiple writing sessions in a day. Like, an hour in the morning and another in the evening. And then the brain has time to fill back up with ideas and words between sessions.

    I wouldn’t advise drinking alcohol during the morning session. :)

  4. India, I LOVE the muskrat cannoli. Also, I agree it would have been amazing to have been drinking Muscat Canelli at the time — but we must make do.

    8oz. of wine is two glasses — which as I discovered last night is plenty to make the words and images slippy. I say you should be pleased with your NaDruDraNi performance.

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