What a fool believes

UPDATED: Just got a call — it’s on!

Tonight I’m scheduled to rendezvous with Luke Vaughn — the Running Fool, the Human Baton — and his Baltimore-to-Hidden-Valley driver, some time around 11pm.

I last heard from him on 12/8, and we haven’t actually confirmed the location for the handoff. I just heard from Luke, and he’s pretty much on schedule. But the itinerary page of his trip wiki says he’s en route … and he’s got a heck of a day today:

Depart Raleigh, NC: 9am, 12/21 – driver: GW **IN PROGRESS**
Arrive Richmond, VA: 1:00pm, 12/21 – driver: GW
Depart Richmond, VA: 2:00pm, 12/21
Arrive Washington, DC: 4:15pm, 12/21
Depart Washington, DC: 5:30pm, 12/21
Arrive Baltimore, MD: 6:30pm, 12/21
Depart Baltimore, MD: 7:30pm, 12/21
Arrive Hidden Valley, PA: 11:00pm, 12/21
Sleep 12/21-12/22 – bed: My Brilliant Mistakes
Depart Hidden Valley, PA: 10:30am, 12/22 – driver: My Brilliant Mistakes
Arrive Youngstown, OH: 12:00 noon, 12/22

He has my cellphone number. I assume I’ll get a call eventually.

Since I haven’t communicated with Luke recently, I haven’t been able to confirm that we can squeeze in a side trip through Pittsburgh tomorrow. Still hoping to make that happen.

In any case, I’ll try to get a photo or bit of video to share with you folks afterwards.

Speaking of video, someone has created a video compilation of photos and footage from week 1 of Luke’s trip. Oddly inspiring.

If you’re somewhat northeast of me, and you wish you’d signed up for this fun, please note that certain legs of the trip are currently up for grabs: Medford, MA > Troy, NY > Rochester, NY > Buffalo, NY > Guelph, ON >Woodstock, ON

Find more info and sign up to carry the baton.