You may call me “Cynthia the Winsome”

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Royal Highness Cynthia the Winsome of Frogging over Womble

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If Bono is disappointed at not gaining a title when he is knighted, he could get one online. And it would be quite fancy.  

6 replies on “You may call me “Cynthia the Winsome””

  1. After a few tries (the first result was indecent), I got the very satisfactory “Her Most Serene Highness Lady India the Scattered of Middle Witchampton.”

  2. “Her Exalted Highness Duchess Susan the Careless of Snotting on Wold”

    Uh, I’m not sure I want to be royalty. This makes me afraid of what the peasants might do.

    BTW, glad the Human Baton worked out. I admire and envy the ability to be that spur of the moment…for both of you!

  3. India, your title is perfectly delightful. How lovely to be Lady India the Scattered. Extremely special. Well Done!

    It hadn’t occurred to me to try more than once. I’ve redone my titling and now am Lady Madame Cynthia the Nimble of Westessexchestershire. I feel this is distinctly superior to my prior title — I’m no longer royalty, but I really like “Cynthia the Nimble.” And I’m ever so fond of Westessexchestershire.

    Susan, “Snotting on Wold” is excellent. Be not afraid of the peasants. If they do anything untoward you can have them beaten.

  4. I was tempted by Snotting on Wold. Had the Scattering come bundled with the Snotting, I might have taken it. But I would definitely have been overcome by the offer of *any* specialty in combination with Westessexchestershire. How could any sane Lady resist that? Brava, Cynthia, brava! Well done, indeed.

  5. Okay, Okay, here’s another: “Her Exalted Highness Duchess Susan the Abstemious of Much Madness upon Avon.” You may question my reluctance for my former “Snotting on Wold” title…probably too many days telling my 5-year old to wipe his nose with a tissue, not his sleeve or my shirt when I’m not looking. Forget the abstemious bit (I admit, I had to look it up), but much madness I can dig.

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