1 o’clock coffee

An update on the previous post: After three cups of coffee and despite having had lunch, my ears are ringing and I’ve got a squeezing headache.

Does 8 O’Clock Coffee carry more than the average dose of caffeine? The beans look less roasted than those I typically use, and less roasting typically leaves more caffeine in the bean.

My brother Anthony is about to have some of this new coffee — we’ll see how it affects him.


UPDATE: After two sips, Anthony has declared the 8 O’Clock Coffee “bad” and “tastes like Folger’s.” He may not be able to drink enough to determine its caffeine content.

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  1. I used to drink a lot of 8 o’clock coffee back in the day, the regular kind in the red bag. I would get the whole beans and grind them. Mostly I chose it b/c of the price, but was never a huge, huge fan of the taste.

  2. I’m seriously cracking up and I’m getting sideways glances from the church ladies meeting at “my” coffee shop. People always get dark roast because they think there’s more caff. in that kind. Can’t wait to hear about your bro. Lovely trick, suitable only for close friends and family.

  3. I’m guessing 8 o’clock uses robusta beans.

    From http://www.2basnob.com/coffee-beans.html

    Robusta coffee is a lower grade of coffee that is typically grown at lower elevations. It has more of an astringent flavor and contains a higher amount of caffeine.

    The robusta trees are easier to grow and maintain. They are also more disease resistant and produce a higher yield. This type of coffee is typically used to achieve a lower price.

  4. Jeff: I wish I’d picked the Original recipe, red bag. I was swayed by the “100% Columbian” label, for whatever reason. Sigh.

    Kathie: I couldn’t have fooled Anthony with this coffee if I’d tried. (I left the bag by the pot so he’d known what was up before even pouring a cup.) Right away he was leery of it.

    Mark: On the bag it says “100% Arabica Beans.” So it’s not just the type of beans — something more is afoot.

    I’m going to give it one more day. If I have a headache by 10am again tomorrow, we’ll know these beans are dynamite.

  5. In this case, “dynamite” is a reference (a very, very subtle reference, I admit) to Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

    “That rabbit’s dynamite!”

    In which case, “dynamite” means deadly.

  6. I am beginning to think the 8 o’clock coffee also give me headaches. I am using their Kuerig K-cups and find that whenever I drink it I get a fuzzy, icky feeling in my head and stomach. After being gone for a week and drinking hotel coffee (and not having any ill effects) I came home and brewed a cup of 8 o’clock. Fuzzy feeling is back. Guess maybe it is the coffee…..ugh!

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