Coffee update

The days were always sunny in the Land of the Mighty GrinderI’m drinking 100% Colombian from 8 O’Clock Coffee again today. (See previous posts for background.) Have had about 2.5 cups, which amounts to about 20 oz as I use 8 oz Irish coffee mugs for my daily brew. No headache so far.

The coffee tastes much the same as yesterday: It’s nothing to write home about (although apparently it’s noteworthy enough for me to describe to my faithful blog readers in excruciating detail). I think I will relegate the rest of the bag to emergency backup status, meaning it will languish in my freezer until the next time I run out of coffee unexpectedly and need to bring in the reserves.

The question is: What do I buy next? The 8 O’Clock Original Roast, which Jeff described in the comments yesterday as nothing special but which still costs less than $5 per pound? Or some Starbucks roast that I’ll enjoy but hate myself for enjoying? I can’t get any Peet’s beans by tomorrow, so choices must be made.

Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling answer!

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  1. Have you ever bought the whole bean coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts? My wife bought me a bag a few weeks ago and when she gave it to me I laughed (she knows nothing about coffee). After all, the only coffee I ever remember getting from a DD tasted like overbrewed and stale butt. But man, I was pleasantly surprised. Makes a damn tasty coffee and you can usually get pretty good deals on the beans from what I understand.

  2. hey cindy,
    the only starbucks i can stomach is the breakfast blend they sell in the grocery store. I have to be hard pressed to drink it in the store. Too bitter for me. Go to your local non-chain coffee shop.
    They usually sell their brews…

  3. Kathie, I find in the Starbucks stores that every coffee tastes burnt — or maybe that’s just my tongue after I take a sip. Instead, I typically buy an Americano (espresso with hot water.)

    But when I make the coffee at home, the Breakfast Blend is too mild. I like Caf

  4. Continuing the donut connection, Krispy Kreme’s isn’t bad. Of course, I can’t go through the drive-thru just for a cup of their coffee. It’s the perfect excuse to eat some sugar-sodden donut on my way to work! (Fortunately it’s far enough from the highway entrance ramp to discourage my doing this on a regular basis.) I agree that the Starbucks Breakfast Blend doesn’t have enough punch when ground at home…

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