The Steelers new mascot looks really familiar…

Does the Steelers new mascot remind you of anyone?

The new chin and the old one

The Steelers organization will invite fans to help name the new mascot. My suggestion for a name: The Chin.

UPDATE: My brother Anthony thought the mascot would look good wearing that sweater Cowher wore to pretty much every press conference.

The Chin in the sweater

9 replies on “The Steelers new mascot looks really familiar…”

  1. I still think they should have modeled the mascot after the “Hunky Steelworker” sculpture from that Three Rivers Arts Festival many years ago.

  2. Love the photo magic with the sweater.

    Um, personally, I think the mascot is a little frightening. I mean, doesn’t he look a tad more maniacal than happy?

  3. His eyebrows sorta remind me of those carpet samples they used to make us sit on in grade school.

  4. Yeh we’ve been talking about the new Steelers mascot over at Highbrid Nation. Our readers don’t seem to care for him but I’m sitting on the fence. Its just hard for me to picture the guy lasting to long. My vote for his name though? Terrible Terry :)

  5. I don’t know what his first name should be, but I’m guessing his surname will be something like SZALANKIEWICZ or ZBRZEZNJ.

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