The cheering squad

Yesterday for the Steelers-Chargers game, my two-year-old niece wore her Steelers cheerleader outfit. We said the Steelers needed her support and she should give them a cheer. She started shouting sounds. “Ah! Oof! Whoa! Ack! Yeah!” We all stared. After a minute, my brother realized that she was imitating us — those were the sounds […]

Comeback Season

Consider this excerpt: With a heavy heart I watch that Sunday’s game between the Colts and the Jets. With 2:24 remaining in the game, Peyton Manning completes a 2-yard pass to tight end Bryan Fletcher, ending a 68-yard Colts drive. Colts 24, Jets 21. The Colts offense retreats to the bench, but before they can […]

Best part of the Super Bowl

UblUO0LjPUg The best part of the Super Bowl this year was the commercials. Ah, who’m I kidding? This was the best Super Bowl in years. Exciting, tense, closely fought. Great defensive performances from both teams, clever strategizing on all sides. Bill Belichick and his staff made a great call asking for a review of a […]

Fantasy football 2007: Week 2 wrap

Football and fantasy football are back in session, much to my glee. In past years as a fantasy football manager, I spent many, many hours pouring over player and NFL team stats, adding and dropping players, changing my lineup several times each week, and watching hours (days!) of TV coverage. This year I’m more laid-back. […]

The Steelers new mascot looks really familiar…

Does the Steelers new mascot remind you of anyone? The Steelers organization will invite fans to help name the new mascot. My suggestion for a name: The Chin. UPDATE: My brother Anthony thought the mascot would look good wearing that sweater Cowher wore to pretty much every press conference.