Xtreme Critique Weekend

Coming in two weeks, it’s Fat Plum’s Xtreme Critique Weekend in Greensburg, PA.

It’s the perfect writing get-away: a full weekend to focus on your writing and to connect with other writers.

You’ll participate in five 3-hour critiquing sessions (each group will have six or fewer writers), receiving feedback from your session leaders as well as other attendees. You may decide to read and receive feedback on successive chapters or a novel or nonfiction manuscript, or share several essays or short stories.

Plus, you’ll have a full weekend to interact with writing peers and professionals in a warm, non-competitive and nurturing environment!

When: June 29 to July 1, 2007 — Friday evening to Sunday noon

Where: Bishop Connare Center in Greensburg, PA (approximately 30 miles east of Pittsburgh)

Get the details, including costs, at the Fat Plum website. I hope you’ll join us!

5 replies on “Xtreme Critique Weekend”

  1. I break down and cry at the mildest of mild constructive criticism. Xtreme critique? I don’t know exactly what it means to “plotz,” but I’m pretty sure I’d do it.

  2. We had some marketingish reason for naming it Xtreme. I like to think the name is memorable, even if I can’t remember the rationale for the name.

    There’s rarely any crying at these events — surely less plotzing. More laughing and excited talk. But if you wanted to plotz you certainly could.

  3. I rather think I DO want to plotz, now that I think about it. At some point in my life, I most certainly need to plotz. Perhaps at the next BlogFest.

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