Gwen attempts to help the Butterscotch Stallion

I’ve linked to Intoxicated Zodiac a few times in the last month, and I hope you’ve been reading her site. Delightful? You bet.

For example, today we have thoughtful, in-case-you-fall-off-the-wagon tips to Owen Wilson, newly-sober Hollywood hunk:

what i’m trying to get at is, c’mon, do you really think poor owen is staying on the wagon? i sincerely hope he does, but in the extremely off chance that he does make a little boo boo…. well, it’s a slippery slope. so at least drink something halfway good for you… and that would be st. john’s wart tea. this beautiful flower, with it’s full head of yellow petals (not unlike his golden mane), belongs to the sun and is hence a plant of leo.

Please go read the full post, and add Intoxicated Zodiac to your must-read list.

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