Upcoming in Pittsburgh: mad creation of art for 24 solid hours

24 Hour Creative Marathon

Fun event coming up for artists, aspiring artists, and people who think they’re not artists but who are open to creativity:

The 24 Hour Creative Marathon is a two-part event, beginning with a 24-hour artistic marathon and culminating in a gallery show and sale the following day.

24 Hour Creative Marathon
Beginning Friday, September 28th, at 8pm, artists will have 24 hours to create a piece of work pertaining to the theme “Lost and Found.” Registration is FREE for marathon participation.

Please complete and send in the registration form to pre-register. Registrations will be accepted at the door, but we have a 150 registrant maximum. (Don’t be left out!)

Gallery Show
At 8pm the very next evening, the Creative Treehouse will feature these works in a gallery show, along with food, drinks and live music. All this for only $2 at the door. Artwork is available for purchase and all proceeds go towards supporting the Creative Treehouse.

Both events are open to the public. Artists of all levels — from professionals to amateurs to the curious and motivated — are invited to join us.

I’ll be there for the marathon and as much of the gallery show as I can stay awake for. Last year’s DrawMo has helped me feel bolder about drawing so I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge of the “Lost and Found” theme. (Which I voted for and thought was a super theme, but now feel rather cowed by. But which I will take on anyway.)

Find out more and register at the official 24 Hour Creative Marathon website.

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