End the Suffering, Restore the Dignity: National Toupee Forgiveness Day, 11/26/2007


Less than a week away from National Toupee Forgiveness Day, that special day instituted by Tunesmith & Anthony. On NTFD, toupee wearers can freely leave behind their hairpieces and move on with their lives, without fear of anyone remarking on the change.

If you are not a toupee wearer, you may think this important day does not affect you. But you are wrong. You have a part to play, a very important part, and without your involvement the day will fail.

Quoting from the T&A site:

The Tenets of National Toupee Forgiveness Day:

  1. Long suffering toupee wearers who have yearned to cease wearing a toupee but have not for fear of embarrassment shall stop wearing their toupees on National Toupee Forgiveness Day.
  2. A habitual toupee wearing person