Month Impossible: Day Nine

Junipero on the rocks

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Monday will be another Mixology Monday, with the theme “gin.” So probably I should have waited until then to try drawing a glass of gin on the rocks, but I had a taste for the stuff and a need to draw something tout suite.

Besides, it turns out to be hard to draw a clear glass of clear liquid with ice. I have trouble with curves and perspective anyway — I may spend the rest of the month trying to tackle this problem. Then the ice isn’t really clear at all, it’s full of hazy bubbles and then clear areas, and the glass fogs up where it’s cold and water has condensed on the outside. The glass itself is quite thick at the bottom, which throws the perspective further off as I try to show the inside curve.

About the only part that’s accurate is the coaster, which is part of a set of metal and ceramic coasters from the Frank Lloyd Wright collection. The metal part matches a pattern he developed for some house or other that he designed. And even that’s not right, because it’s too small for the glass.

I can’t blame any problems on drink either — I has just one sip while drawing. But that’s OK anyway, because it means I can keep trying again and again through the month, or until the gin runs out.

No NaNoWriMo writing today. This weekend I shall tackle noveling big time. I’m aiming for 4,000 words each day, minimum. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but I’ve done it before. Sometimes the best stuff comes when you’re desperate and trying to reach an impossible goal. All the easy stuff is tapped out, and the real creativity bubbles up. I’m counting on this. Trust the process (if you can call mad typing to reach a word count goal a process, and I can).

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  1. i think its a quality try. Clear objects are inherently difficult to draw because you have to capture light, and the distortion of light in order to give the object form, rather than just recreating its form. Or something like that. Anyways I liked it enough to give me a taste for gin later this afternoon

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