BlogFest 12 Wrapup: You say it’s our birthday….

BlogFest 12 sign-in sheetSuch a fine time we had at last night’s Pittsburgh BlogFest. Click the image to see the sign-in sheet and find links to those who signed it — that’s a pretty good representation of the crowd that was present.

A number of people didn’t sign in. The lovely ladies of Inner Bitch, for example, and Rachel of That Night, and Rachel of The Sum of David, and Jennie of 37 Roses. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone else; add a link in the comments or send me a note so I can add you. Oh, and Andrew Stockey was there too, spanning the worlds of mainstream media and this new media of the Internet.

Speaking of Andrew Stockey, he and a briskly efficient cameraman shot video interviews and footage for a story on Pittsburgh’s blog scene. It will air today on WTAE during the 5 o’clock news. I don’t expect it to be the lead story, but of course you’ll still want to watch the program from the top of the hour to get your daily dose of Andrew’s awesomeness. If you have to miss the airing, I’ll post a link to any video they publish to their website once that’s available. If you missed the news, you can read the story and watch the video on the WTAE website.

Never stand in front of a tabletop webcamEric Williams shot video as well — for convenience he placed his webcam on a table top, which inevitably led to laughs when I parked my wide arse in front of it for a while as I pontificated on some topic or other. Eric promised to delete that particular segment, but I will worry the rest of my days that it will surface on YouTube and ruin any chances of my being elected president. (No, clicking that photo won’t bring up a larger version. That’s as big as it needs to be.)

Anyway, so we gathered and talked, drank and ate, and generally were fabulous. Thank you to everyone who was there! I look forward to seeing you — and reading you — again soon.

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10 replies on “BlogFest 12 Wrapup: You say it’s our birthday….”

  1. Aww I missed the sign in sheet! You didn’t tell everyone about the foil swans, that was the best part! Thanks for organizing this, fashionista. It was super awesome.

  2. Jennie, do you have a photo of the swans? In the rush to wrap up the cake I forgot to take any pics. But anyway, I’m so glad you made it, and I’ll remind you next time to hit the sign in sheet.

  3. Susan: Andrew mentioned to me that he has been surprised at how many women comment on his blog. Moms in particular. I don’t find it surprising at all, and I’m glad you back me on this.

    He said “see you at the next blogfest,” so you’ll do well to make an extra effort to be there too. :)

  4. India: My hair length, style, and color change frequently. I should update the photos in the various profiles of me online, but that could almost be a part-time job. And yes, around here it’s Carnegie, and Dubois is pronounced doo-boyz. But Duquesne is doo-kane. Go figure.

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