Month Impossible: Day Eight

Tonight we held BlogFest 12. I was smart in that I scheduled very little for myself for today, which meant I had time to do things like run to the store for cake, and make and print signs and a sign-in sheet, and also shower and dress decently and arrive only forth-five minutes late for an event I was helping to host.

This was one of our biggest BlogFests, as measured by attendance. It might have been bigger yet if it hadn’t been unluckily and accidentally scheduled opposite Pittsburgh’s first DevHouse, which is an open-form programming and general geekiness event.

I had hoped to stop over at DevHouse once the fun at BlogFest started to wind down, but I opted not to for two reasons:

1. I was already tired and needed to get home and rest in anticipation of an important client meeting tomorrow morning.

2. I feared I was not sufficiently geeky.

I have pretty good geek cred, given my undergrad and grad degrees and the years I put in at Oracle, NeXT Computer, and other software places. But I’ve never worked as a programmer, and although I try to hide it I’m intimidated by real coders. You can tell me that’s silly, and you’ll be right. Still, I was glad to have an excuse to let friends check out the scene and report back. For now, I’ll focus on growing enough backbone to attend the next event.

Tomorrow I’ll write up a proper summary of BlogFest, with some links to the people who were there, and possibly links to DevHouse stuff as I find it. Also, WTAE should be broadcasting a piece that Andrew Stockey shot at the blogfest. Once I hear about the air time for that, I’ll let you know, and I’ll count on someone to YouTube or otherwise save that for posterity.

Thanks to everyone who came to BlogFest, either tonight or in the past. You are a fabulous beast, and I’m glad to know you.

6 replies on “Month Impossible: Day Eight”

  1. Working at NeXT is more than enough geek cred to get you in. Remember, My mom’s a software developer, a knitter, and proud owner of a Poulan chainsaw.

    In all fairness, I didn’t go either. However, mine was more-less because I didn’t want to pay for a downtown parking garage or walk both ways, and I wanted to go curl up in bed with my boyfriend.

  2. I had a great time last night and I can’t believe i missed Andrew Stockey. He needs to start his own vidcast of him just sitting there smiling. It brings joy to millions and cures cancer.

  3. Wow. I hope that some day my loved ones can say of me that I’m the proud owner of a chainsaw. What a rockin’ mom.

    Cindy: If you’re not geeky enough, then what the hell am I? A mere dork? I have an English degree, and I have to check the W3C specs every time I style an image border.

    Don’t make me a dork. I don’t have the clothes for it.

  4. Lloyd and I had a great time last night, Cynthia — thanks for introducing us “new kids in town” to everyone. I hope we get to hang out again soon…maybe at one of our block parties the next two Saturdays?

    BTW, your actual resume might be geeky enough for you to hang at DevFest, but those burgundy boots you had on definitely said “Milan runway” more than “programmer cubicle” to me. ;)

  5. Steve: Your mom sounds awesome.

    Spoon: I agree with you about Andrew Stockey. He is delightful. He says he’ll come to the next BlogFest, so you will have another chance to bask in his glow.

    India: I’m supposed to check the W3C specs? Cripes. Also, you are decidedly not a dork. You are geekier than you know.

    Jim 2.0: I’m so glad you guys made it to BlogFest. I’ve added next Saturday’s block party to my schedule — sounds like fun. I will make sure to wear some more awesome footwear as well.

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