What a year for a new year

by candle light

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The final hours of the final day of 2007. This year has been a good one for me, on the whole. I hope it was for you as well.

There are a few New Year’s songs, and I thought of having a second countdown during the days between Christmas and today.

I used to like “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” Having been without romantic entanglements for a while though, I find the sentiment in that one feels less sweet with each passing year.

One New Year’s song that I like very much has gotten better with time. It’s “What a Year for a New Year” by Dan Wilson, front man of Supersonic. He’s a great songwriter — earned a Grammy for “Not Ready to Make Nice” with the Dixie Chicks — and a wonderful producer as well.

You can hear the song — and download it for yourself — on Dan Wilson’s MySpace page.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and Day. Stay safe and happy! I’ll see you on January 2, and with luck I’ll have finished migrating this site to a new blog and new URL, with fancy fun things to boot.

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