There will be a slight delay

I’m still in the process of setting up and moving this blog to its new home. I’d thought I’d get quite a bit done today, but I was up very late celebrating the New Year, and I had perhaps a bit too much of a friend’s homemade limoncello, and my brain was not operating well enough for much serious work today.

How I spent my day instead was watching most of the three That’s Entertainment films that MGM released, showcasing clips from their movie musicals, plus the bonus film That’s Dancing. Lots of dancing. Lots of singing. Lots of Busby Berkley spectacles. Perhaps a little too much Judy Garland.

I liked being able to watch the big musical numbers without having to sit through the silly plots of most of these films.

Among the films most heavily featured was Singing in the Rain, which includes standout dancing by Pittsburgh-native Gene Kelly and the hilarious Donald O’Connor. I haven’t seen Singing in the Rain in decades, so I’d forgotten this one: "Moses Supposes."


I hadn’t forgotten "Make ‘Em Laugh" though — it’s one of my all-time favorite dance routines, and maybe the funniest dance on film.


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  1. Rachel: I’m looking forward to it too. Why do these things take so much longer than one expects?

    Jennifer: Lately I’ve found a lot of great images on You can set up an account and link your blog to it, and that makes it easy to post a photo to your blog and still have it linked to the photographer, so you are sure you’re crediting them for their work.

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