Mallard at dawn

Mallard at dawn, originally uploaded by Memotions.

I’ve mentioned a few times recently a family friend who was hospitalized, and then in the ICU. She’d had a brain hemorrhage and other complications, and she’d been on life support for several days. All her children had flown in to say goodbye. Her family had made the hard choice to take her off machines.

They did turn everything off, and she was on fluids only.

And then she woke up. Within a day she was talking. Today she started walking again.

What a crazy, wonderful thing.

This seems a good time to add another thank you to all who sent well-wishes for my mom’s surgery this week. She’s doing well also, her foot swathed in bandages and propped up high on her bed, her nightstand and headboard stacked high with books to keep her amused while she’s laid up.

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