I got chills; they’re multiplying

Jedi, originally uploaded by PhillipWest. Monday night I started to feel a little ill: chills, tiredness, headache. Tuesday I was focused on making it to and through meetings and a presentation at Refresh Pittsburgh, all of which were quite engaging and interesting. But by Tuesday evening I could tell that all was not well — […]

Small triumphs

Night Snow, originally uploaded by Eamon33. Tonight: I successfully rallied from a tapped-out, low-pulse afternoon (after an intense, thought-packed morning), and found the energy to babysit an almost-two-year-old for the evening, keeping her entertained but gradually transitioning her to sleep mode — and changing her poopy diaper. Then I worked on an important, overdue proposal, […]


Mallard at dawn, originally uploaded by Memotions. I’ve mentioned a few times recently a family friend who was hospitalized, and then in the ICU. She’d had a brain hemorrhage and other complications, and she’d been on life support for several days. All her children had flown in to say goodbye. Her family had made the […]

An antidote to a pervasive sense of death

Two thousand eight has started well for me, as years go. Lots of work to do — interesting work too. I’ve a least little time each week to spend with family and friends, the weather has been mellow, I’m feeling healthy…. Things are good. Yet I keep feeling that I’m surrounded by images of death. […]