“At the intersection of absurd and punk, Ethan is perched atop his unicycle, calmly taking notes.”

This looks interesting: Leaning with Intent to Fall by Ethan Clark. 

Ethan recounts a life on the fringes, filled with all the great punk pastimes: dodging cops, shoplifting, trespassing, drinking too much, and working crappy jobs that barely pay the rent on dilapidated houses filled with down-and-out roommates. But rather than succumbing to the jaded cynicism one might expect after an accumulation of years of discouraging predicaments and misadventure, Ethan somehow manages to find comedy in his precarious situations and retains a sense of optimism and hope in life’s endless possibilities. Ethan puts it best himself when he says, ‘Always look in the suitcase. Sure, it’s probably just full of dead cats, but maybe, it’ll be full of money and cocaine.’
— Kyle Bravo, Editor of Making Stuff and Doing Things

Find out more and buy it at the Garrett County Press website.

[The title of this post is a quote from Abram Shalom Himelstein, author of Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing.]