Musical interlude: PJ Harvey, “Sheela-na-gig”


I’ve seen PJ Harvey play twice, once in Boston and once in Washington D.C. The single best live music experience I’ve had was her performance of "50-Foot Queenie" in Boston, 1996. Any chance I might ever have to see her perform, I will immediately jump on it.

Videos and recordings don’t quite capture the energy she brings, although videos on YouTube of a show she did in Chicago in 1993 give you at least a glimmer. Note the crowd reaction in the clip above of "Sheela-na-gig" and in the video of "50-Foot Queenie." She’s a god.


6 replies on “Musical interlude: PJ Harvey, “Sheela-na-gig””

  1. Hey Cindy, great clip. Count me as a new fan for sure. It’s amazing how much talents out there that “everyone” doesn’t know. Thanks.

  2. I’ve always liked P.J. Harvey, but I’ve never had a chance to see her; bet that would be a great show. If I ever get around to making a playlist of my favorite Dylan covers, her version of “Highway 51 Revisited” would definitely be included.

  3. Kathie: I’m really glad you liked it! So much new music all the time.

    Uncle Crappy: Ooh, good call with the list of Dylan covers. I’ll come back to that or something similar in another post; don’t want to steal your post topic though….

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