Theological musings in film


I mentioned the movie Time Bandits in a recent blog post. It was one of the earlier films made by Terry Gilliam, and while it was popular when it was released I suspect there are many people today who are unaware how drily funny it is.

Granted, people with strong religious beliefs may find the characters and the dialogue, and most of the plot, to be blasphemous. The scene in the clip above, for example.

But on the other hand, it does raise interesting questions. Why do men have nipples?


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  1. I almost posted this myself, and is perhaps my favorite scene in the movie. Except, maybe, for the end where God makes an appearance.

  2. Are you kidding ? I have the script for this from when it first came out. Some radio station was giving away free tickets and other prizes and I called in. However, as I was woefully under 18 at the time, I grabbed my sister and made her give the deejay her info.

    As far as being blasphemous, speaking as a raised-catholic-but-now-a-reformed-anglican, I really don’t see it. In fact, I could possibly see William Blake and J.R.R. Tolkien both agreeing with this caricature of a Satan obsessed with the industrialisation of the planet. I hope C.S. Lewis would agree, the Enemy of Man cannot create, he can only corrupt, and possesses an unbelievable vanity.

    But, most of all, he reinforces what I’ve always thought – God is an Englishman.

  3. Woy: There are so many great scenes in this movie — and great quotes too. Very hard to choose just one favorite.

    Erich: The movie also reaffirms the thought that Satan is much more interesting to watch that the Supreme Being.

    Norm and Greg: Excellent insights. I feel I’ve learned some very important things about male brains. Thank you.

  4. Hmmmmm … Creation vs. Corruption, I guess that’s why Mob movies are so popular.

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