Whodunnit? I’ll never tell

Promotional photo of the Butler Little Theatre's production of The Mousetrap

I’ve been babysitting my niece a lot lately, and the reason is that her mother — my sister — has been in rehearsals for a play at the Butler Little Theatre.

The play is The Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie, and it’s most famous for being the longest continuously running play of all time, "with 23,000 performances in the course of its (as of 7 February 2008) nearly 55-year run in the West End of London," according to Wikipedia.

The play is also famous for having a twist ending, which at the end of every performance the audience is asked not to reveal. Thus, we have this play to thank for the oeuvre of M. Night Shyamalan.

My sister has the role of Miss Casewell. That’s her in the lower left of the photo above. Apparently Miss Casewell is a little on the tomboy side.

The play opens this Friday evening and runs every night through the following Saturday (no show on Monday). The Butler Little Theatre is an excellent community theatre group, and I’m looking forward to the production — and to solving the mystery!

Full show details and ticket information can be found on the BLT website. Note that you’ll need to phone during evening hours to reserve tickets; they cannot be purchased online, and because the theater is small you’ll want a reservation.

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