Dream house

I’m working on a couple of things right now: End of the month, so there’s billable work to finish and bill; grant applications and proposals to thoughtfully complete and send; project work to push diligently ahead with; and administrivia.

Also a blog post I keep trying to write about blogs, rules vs. freedom, social media and traditional media and the difficult links between them, and civility, which is particularly hard to write because every day there’s one more thing to bring into the mix (like that video of Bob Costas trying to keep the Deadspin guy and the athlete and the old media guy from stabbing each other in the heart), so I begin to despair of ever having the time and mental power and general quiet to get the damn think thought out and composed and written.

Can you all just sort of stop for a couple of days until I get my thoughts sorted? I would truly appreciate it.

Meantime, I’m just trying to keep things together and bills paid, so someday I can live in a house like Sinatra’s. Wonder if I could afford someday to buy this place and take it out of the rental market. I love my home town, but I would totally move there. (Dear sugar daddies: Call me.)

Also: There’s someone lounging on one of the couches in this photo, right? Is that a mannequin, or is it someone who comes with the property? Get out of my fantabulous and hip damn couch, person!

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  1. Cynthia, I will say this quietly, so as not to disturb your thoughts. If you’re tackling social media and rules and civility, all in one piece, I can’t wait to read it. Write woman. Damn it, write!

  2. Judy: OK! I will write. But tell your brother he has to get out of my dream house soon.

    Woy: :)

    Bob: I abso-freaking-lutely adore the Incredibles house! If I had that house, I bet I would even vacuum with regularity.

  3. Don’t know if you’ll recall a Twitter conversation about Old vs. New Media, prompted, I think, by one of the Podcampers getting misquoted in the PG? I started writing a post about the discussion and kept getting sidetracked. The good news? It’s pretty much done, and when the subject comes up again — and it will — I’ll be ready for it.

    And: When we buy a house, The Wife will be ready hire you for interior design purposes. Would alcohol be appropriate compensation?

  4. I don’t know if that is a mannequin or a drunk or a dead body on the couch, but I find it kinda creepy like being able to see the guy who hung himself on the set of “The Wizard of Oz” in some of the early prints of the movie. Lose the piano and the dinette set. You have a similar “chandelier.” I saw that same exact screen for sale at an auction 3 weeks ago, and I already have an aqua lamp, not as big as that one, but I like it a lot. Once again, I think we can do kitsch pretty easily and in great taste. Let’s become a design firm!

  5. Uncle Crappy: I do recall that Twitter conversation, or a related one. Seems like there have been a few. I look forward to reading it when you post it. Maybe when i write my post, you can post that one as a response or bookend.

    A nice bottle of bourbon is always welcomed.

    Uncle Crappy’s Wife: I think the body on the couch is a little creepy too. I only noticed it at the last minute, as I was about to post — it was there all along in the rental listing, so apparently it’s not deterring renters. Maybe the people who rent homes in Palm Springs have different standards for creepiness than we do.

    You don’t need to have a piano, but I’m keeping mine. I’m confident we could have a great design firm, but are there enough cool clients, with cool cash? Time to work on a business plan.

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