You’ve got to love the actual sweat more than the lights and the glamour


Scott asked us all whom we would like to narrate the story of our lives, and why.

I thought through a couple of different options. There’s Orson Welles, who had just about the best ever narration style possible. There’s Stockard Channing, who would bring a lot of flair to the story and could also sing a bit if needed. (Not that I sing, but maybe my life would be best conveyed in song — hard to say at this juncture.)

But on the whole, I would like my life narrator to be Bette Davis. Distinctive voice; thoughtful delivery; practical viewpoint and appreciation of the absurdity of life.

She’d almost certainly overshadow me on the whole, but she’d also most likely make my life sound more interesting that is actually is, so it balances out.

(I’m not sure what it means that in choosing three potential narrators, I picked two who are dead.)

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  1. On second thought, and having sobered up since my first post, I would have to choose Leonard Nimoy. But only if he brings along that cool synth soundtrack he used when he narrated all those episodes of “In Search of …”

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